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FacebookTM Common Problems

Problem: Not getting messages being set to you

Many Facebook users aren't aware of the existance of the "Others" folder. This folder holds messages that Facebook thinks shouldn't arrive directly to your inbox. You can access this folder only from a Desktop computer for now.
Problem: How to avoid seeing someone in your News Feed

If one of your friends is spamming your News Feed or you just want to avoid seeing them you can just unfollow that user. Go into their profile and click the following button, removing the V mark. They will still be your friends and they won't know you did it. From that moment you won't see their posts in your feed.
Problem: The Facebook App is taking too much space and bandwidth

Facebook has recently released a solution for this problem following many complaints. A new app called Facebook Lite is a light weight app that takes less space and bandwidth. The experience is almost the same and you can try switching to this app to improve your phone's performance.

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