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Yahoo!TM Mail Common Problems

Problem: Attachment size is larger than allowed on Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo! Mail has an attachment size of 25MB, if your file is bigger than 25MB you might indeed have a problem. If your file is even just slightly below 25MB due to encoding it might still be an issue. Yahoo! Mail has a built in feature to use Dropbox and we recommend using that in this case.
Problem: Getting an Error: Account temporarily blocked from sending messages

This usually happens after sending a large number of emails in a short period of time or in case of sending one email to multiple contacts.
You should still be able to access your account and the block should be removed within a short period of time. We suggest avoiding repeating the same behavior that caused it.
Problem: Getting an "Temporary Error 14"

Error 14 doesn't mean you did anything wrong. It usually gets fixed within a short period of time, a possible workaround is logging out of the account (from all devices), clearing cache and cookies, then signing in again.

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